Requirements Cost Apply
  Eligibility:   An Oberro Safari is a hands-on physical experience. Participants will be encouraged to come along on nature hikes, cary and set up their own gear, and help with chores such as firewood collecting. Therefore participants are required to be in good physical health and posses stamina enough to participate in long mountainous hikes while carrying their own gear.

As we will spend each day in close proximity, it is required that participants possess basic social skills and are of sound mind.

In the event that a participant has any non-contagious chronic medical conditions, the participant must provide all necessary medication, and medical supplies.

Participants must inform us of any dangerous allergies, food or otherwise.

All participants must have a functional knowledge of the English Language. While the instructors have some basic knowledge of German and Japanese that may prove helpful in certain situations, the safari is open to participants from around the world so English will be the language of instruction.

Participants must agree to the code of conduct.

Participants must agree to our policy regarding liability.

Participants must agree to bring the items required.

  Insurance:   All participants must be covered under a full-coverage accident/liability/health travel insurance policy. We will all be bringing expensive equipment, be sure your policy has loss/theft insurance and liability insurance in case you accidentally damage another's equipment.



We will provide a nutritious diet, while we will try to make it as delicious as possible, keep in mind that it would be impossible to bring enough ingredients to cater to each individual palate. Email us with specific questions regarding meals, we will make reasonable efforts to accommodate special dietary needs if we are informed in advance, but ultimately any dietary restrictions are the participant's responsibility.


Transportation to and from Melbourne:


Participants will be coming from different parts of the world and will have different travel needs. Because of this we do not include transportation to and from Melbourne in the program fee. We keep the program cost low and allow participants to choose the transportation option best suited to them. We can, however, offer tips for finding low airfare incase you have trouble.

We recommend that you only buy fully-refundable fully-modifyable transportation as we issue no compensation for penalty costs or other losses if natural disaster, mechanical break-down, or other events cause itinerary delays and/or missed flights. Do not purchase airplane tickets before 02 April 2005 unless they are fully refundable. On 02 April we send you confirmation that the safari will take place. In the unlikely event that a large number of participants fail to make the payment by 01 April and there are too few members on the waiting list to replace those who have not paid, we may be forced to cancel the safari. We base the rate on a minimum group registration. If the trip does not have sufficient registration or if too many cancellations are made, the trip may be cancelled unless all participants agree to a fee supplemental. In the event of safari cancellation, all participants who have completed fee payment will be issued a full refund of the program fee including deposit.

Flights must arrive in and depart from Melbourne international airport. Flights must arrive either Saturday evening or Sunday morning.

Flights must depart either Saturday evening or Sunday morning. The price of the Oberro Safari, Grampian High Country, includes eight days and seven nights -- either Saturday-Saturday or Sunday-Sunday. Some participants may wish to arrive Saturday and depart Sunday in order to spend an extra day organizing their photographs or sightseeing in Melbourne. Participants may do so (staying at the homestay where we will spend the last night) for a $100 US surcharge. This will include meals and lodging but not sightseeing or other costs. The homestay offers city tours, English lessons, and other services that participants can take advantage of, but participants will be responsible for the costs. A full description of the services available can be seen at

If a participant wishes to arrive prior to Saturday 30 April, 2005 or stay after Sunday 08 May, 2005, he may do so at his own expense. Participants arriving early or staying after the Oberro Safari, Grampian High Country, dates will forfeit their right to airport transportation.


Required To Bring:


Whatever photo equipment the participant chooses e.g. Camera, Tripod, mono pod, Lenses, a lot of extra film or a portable mass-storage device, spare batteries, backup camera body etc. (Photographic equipment is not provided) Make sure your gear is packed extremely well. We recommend form-fitted foam-lined hard-shell cases. There will be a lot of bumpy off road driving and we will not be held responsible for damage sustained by equipment.

Bring enough storage media to hold all of your pictures and assume you won’t have a chance to review or edit them until after we return. That said, there may be occasions when you can plug your computers in but that will depend on available electricity and fuel so do not count on it.

Bowl; spoon; fork or chopsticks

Rain Gear (a rain poncho that fits over your body and camera gear is recommended)

Comfortable walking shoes or Hiking Boots (BROKEN IN!)

Sleeping bag rated to at least 0 degrees C (32 F)

Decent Compass (GPS would be great)

Two sets of Warm clothes (it can get quite cold in the High Country -- especially at night) and one set of summertime clothes. Clean Underwear/socks for eight days

Extra batteries for all electronic devices

Comfortable day pack/camera bag

Reliable watch

Foam or air sleeping mat (as important as a sleeping bag for keeping warm at night)


Encouraged To Bring:



Small Straight blade/Lock blade knife

Canteen/Sports Bottle

Journal and pen -- useful for: note taking; memories; and photography information (you will most likely be taking thousands of pictures. It will be useful at the end of the week to have some notations referring to what pictures were taken and where.)

If shooting Film - Roll of Masking tape and sharpie pen to label rolls once shot

Only biodegradable Soaps/hair products

Bilingual dictionary, if necessary


Key chain, super-bright LED

Sun block


If you are unable to acquire any of the above items let us know ahead of time and we may be able to help you attain the item and/or have it waiting for you when you arrive in Melbourne.

Email with any questions regarding participant requirements.