Requirements Cost Apply
  Price   The Oberro Safari, Grampian High Country, fee is $2000 (USD) A deposit of at least 20 per cent is required to reserve a place on the Safari. (You are responsible for any fees if paying by PayPal, Credit Card, or Bank transfer. You are responsible for any conversion costs if paying with Euro, Australian Dollar, British Pound, or Japanese Yen).





The fee includes all trip-related expenses for the eight-day Oberro Safari between 30 April and 08 May, 2005:


Three meals per day

Vehicle hire


Applicable park fees

Generator use (battery charging)

Transportation to and From airport

Use of camping supplies not included on this list



Not Included


The fee does not include:

Any expenses for time spent in Australia prior to 30 April or after 08 May, 2005; Photographic equipment; Photographic processing costs; Transportation from your home to Melbourne (Do not purchase non-refundable airplane tickets before receiving confirmation from us on 02 April 2005.); Airport taxes; Supplies included on this list; Passport or visa expenses; Souvenirs; Phone calls; Travel insurance; Personal items

Gratuities to Oberro Safari trip guides are optional and always appreciated.





Payment of the remaining 80 per cent of fee must be made by 01 April 2005. Failure to make an on-time payment of the remaining fee may result in the forfeiture of participant reservation and any money already paid.





A complete refund is issued if an application is denied. A complete refund is issued to those who have completed payment on time if the safari is canceled. No refund is issued to those delinquent in payment if the safari is canceled on or after 01 April (as their delinquency is the cause of cancellation).

If a reservation is canceled before 01 April, the deposit will not be refunded however the remaining 80 per cent of the program fee will be (assuming payment has already been made). If a reservation is canceled on or after 01 April, no refund will be issued.

A participant will be denied their spot on the safari, issued no refund, and in no way compensated for costs incurred in Australia if:

1) no proof of travel insurance is shown.

2) they are found to have lied on the application form.

3) they do not sign their legal signature to the release of liability form or if they have in any way altered said form.




Email with any questions regarding the program costs.